Swans on Water

Swans photographed on Loch Watten, Caithness, Highlands of Scotland.

Swan - Picture of swan with cygnets

Swan pictures taken on Loch Watten in July 2015. Usually when the weather is fine I will take a digital camera out with me when I go trout fishing and if I am lucky I will be able to take some photographs of swans when I am out on the boat. On occasion I take the boat out when I have noticed swans and cygnets that I want to photograph. In this picture the sun is setting and I captured these images with the sun getting lower and casting a magical light over the loch. Caithness has many lochs and most of them are rich in the natural environment and bird life.


Picture Swan on water

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Cygnets and swan


Swan on water with cygnets

Swan on water

Swan - Picture of swan with cygnets

Swans on water on a loch in Scotland

Cygnets on water


Picture Swan

Swan - Picture of swan with cygnets

Swan with 4 cygnets - Swan Picture

Swan - Swan picture

Sunlight falling on Swan - picture of swan

Sunlight on Swan