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Swan photographs

I hope you enjoy the pictures of swans I am adding to this website. Pictures can be used under a Creative Commons licence with attribution.

I have had the pleasure watching and photographing swans and cygnets over the years and now enjoy sharing them with you.

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Swans in love

Swans and cygnets

Pictures of swans and cygnets on Lindores Loch in the north of Fife, Scotland. Lindores Loch is a trout fishery which is surrounded by wonderful scenic countryside and farmland. It is a rich wildlife environment with several species of water fowl. Osprey's can be seen flying overhead and using this fishery as a source of food, catching large rainbow trout.

Swan with cygnets - photo, jigsaw and picture

Swans and cygnets feeding - picture No 3, jigsaw and photo

Picture of a swan

Swans and cygnets photograph No 5

Swans with very young cygnets photograph No 6

Swans and very young cygnets photograph No 7

Swans and cygnets on Lindores loch

Swans on Lindores loch. I was delighted to watch the young cygnets over several weeks as they grew. It was also tinged with some sadness as the numbers belonging to family groups would reduce probably due to predation by foxes or other causes. More pictures and free online jigsaw puzzle.


Pictures of very young cygnets shown as a slideshow. The cygnets were only a day or two old when I spotted them from the car as I drove past a small flooded area in a field in the north of Fife. It was a privilege photographing such lovely young birds.

Pictures of Swans and cygnets on Lindores Loch, Fife, Scotland.

Pictures of swans and cygnets on Lindores Loch in Fife, Scotland using the latest browser technology, or for older browsers and mobile devices use our standard slideshow.

Picture of beautiful swans

Nature picture of swans with cygnets

Free Images of Swans

32 free images of swans with image sizes up to 2000x1333.

Hundreds of swans on the Tay estuary near Dundee, Scotland.

Pictures of swans on the coastal area of the Tay estuary not far from Broughty Ferry.

Tay estuary swans

Hundreds of swans feeding on the coastal Tay estuary in Scotland.


Swans photographed in the Tay estuary near Broughty Ferry.


Pictures of Swans - picture 24

Picture of Swans - picture 25


Picture of cygnets feeding on pond weed. Artistic images and free online jigsaw puzzle.

More Pictures of Swans

Pictures of swans on Lindores Loch in the north of Fife, Scotland. Swans - Picture of Swans. Picture 28 from Pictures of Swans Swans - Pictures Swan

Swans and Cygnets - pictures 26

About picturesofswans.com

Since buying my first digital camera to replace an ancient Nikon SLR I have been taking digital photographs of a wide range of subjects and over time I have accumulated many pictures of swans.

While taking these photographs I have experienced the beauty and majesty of these wonderful birds, often in beautiful and peaceful countryside locations. It has been a source of great pleasure taking these pictures and I hope this is shared with you through my photographs.

I have added computer generated artistic images, slide shows as well as fun based online jigsaw puzzles which I hope you will enjoy.

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Cygnets - Swan pictures 73

Jigsaw Puzzles

While we often have an online jigsaw on many of the pictures of swans pages we also have a section that has dozens of free to play online jigsaw puzzles. Most of the jigsaw puzzles are of swans and cygnets with a number of countryside scene jigsaw puzzles.

Try this nature jigsaw puzzle with a picture that has been made into a painting image.

Latest Swan picture pages

Swans at Broughty Ferry Castle, Dundee.

Landscape Swan picture

Swans in a watery landscape. If you enjoy playing online jigsaw puzzles then we have this picture as a jigsaw puzzle for you to have some fun with. Below are pictures of a family group of six cygnets with one of the parent swans.


Family group of cygnets with swan

Swan picture - pictures of swans picture 77

6 Cygnets with Swan

Swan pictures - picture 78


Swans and cygnets swimming in shallow water

Swan photo My Picture of a Swan

Swans on Loch Scarmclate in Caithness, Highlands, Scotland. 36 Pictures of Swans on the Loch. Swans on Water

36 pictures of swans on Loch Scarmclate in Caithness, Highlands of Scotland. This far north loch is one of the several lochs with SSSI designations due to their importance of water birds including swans, geese and ducks. The loch is also known for its brown trout. Loch fishing with a boat can be booked locally.

Beautiful picture of swans

Loch Watten - Swans in the sunset

Swans in the sunset on Loch Watten in Caithness, Scotland.

Swans on Linlithgow Loch and view of Linlithgow Palace

Swans on Linlithgow Loch and view of Linlithgow Palace

Painting style images - Free to Use under Creative Commons Licence with attribution

Photo art images of swans and cygnets.

Swan on water

Swans on water photographed in summer of 2015. The swans were bathed in the golden light from the setting sun.