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Beautiful Swan Pictures, Jigsaw Puzzles & Free Pictures

Swan Pictures, Jigsaw Puzzles & Free Images - I hope you enjoy the hundreds of pictures of swans I have taken and have fun playing the free online jigsaw puzzles. Check out the free images of swans optimized for use on websites, as WordPress theme header images, on Social Media sites, or simply to send to a friend. Online shopping is in association with Amazon.

Pictures of swans website displays some of the of pictures taken over the years using a range of digital cameras. I now use a digital camera that is a few years old now, a Canon 600D (known as Canon Rebel in the USA).  Swans are some of the most photogenic of creatures, especially in flight. I hope you enjoy my photographs as well the online jigsaw puzzles featuring some of my swan pictures.

I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures, you will also find Jigsaw puzzles which you can play online featuring some of the swan pictures, or you can use your own picture to create the jigsaw. A number of the pictures of swans have been added that can be used as computer desktop images and they are sized to fit some of the larger computer monitors. They are also suitable for printing. 

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All photographs on this site have been photographed by the webmaster, Richard and if you like my photos it would be great to chat. You can friend / follow me on Facebook. I will be adding more photographs during 2018 as I get out on the many lochs (Scottish "Lakes") that are near where we live in the far north of Scotland. Please bookmark / share, and visit again.

If you want to use some of my pictures you are free to do so under a Creative Commons 3.0 Licence, ideally with attribution for the images used. I really would appreciate a link back to my website, - thanks.

Migratory Swans in the Highlands of Scotland

Pictures of migratory swans and geese in Caithness, photographed in November 2015. 

Driving back from work one day I noticed a swan in a paddock surrounded by newly hatched cygnets. View the pictures taken in 2005 of these newly hatched swans or play the 13 online jigsaw puzzles.

Free WordPress Template Header Images

I have added a number of images that are free to use as WordPress header images on websites and blogs, and these pictures are 2000 px wide and of various heights, some are 2000 x 1200 px to suit the full page image used in the WordPress Twenty Seventeen template. The images have been optimised (or optimized if you wish) to make the image file as small as possible and most of the images are between 140kb and 300kb, so they should load reasonably quickly on most Internet connections. 

The pictures are free, however if you feeling generous please consider giving this site - Pictures of Swans, a mention in your blog, twitter or Facebook page, thanks.

14 WordPress Template Header Images of swans and cygnets

7 WordPress Template Header Images including two at 2000 x 1200 px, for the Twenty Seventeen template.

More pictures will follow as I take additional photographs during 2018

Computer software used to create artistic painting effect from photograph. A range of photo editing software such as Paintshop Pro, Photoshop plugins and other specialised software allow you to create  digitally created painting effects from your digital pictures. In this case I used Dynamic Auto Painter from Mediachance, a Canadian Company, to generate a number of artistic photo art images

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